Strategic Business Development

Purple Patch Marketing Consultants bring a breath of fresh air to businesses.

Business Development is not just sales!

Using our extensive background in marketing and sales, Purple Patch Marketing Consultants will open your eyes to a world of opportunities to bring your business to life, stand out amongst the crowd and help it flourish.

No single solution suits every business, and our Strategic Business Development Review process will pinpoint the correct path forward. The review process is painless, and focuses on the core themes of:

  • Where the business is
  • Where the business wants to be
  • How we’ll achieve those targets (your strategic marketing plan)

New Directions

Sometimes a business needs to diversify its core offering, or enter in to new markets. Purple Patch Marketing Consultants can help assess and develop strategic plans for diversification and/or entry to new markets. Detailed assessments are carried out, with full reports offered to clients to help them make informed decisions.

Long-Term Relationships

With a strategy in-hand, Purple Patch Marketing Consultants can be retained to help activate any aspect of the strategy. Our aim is to develop long-term relationships, and continuing to work with our clients to deliver on long-term plans and strategies is central to this approach. Purple Patch Marketing Consultants aims to become an extension of our clients’ businesses and not just a one-hit wonder.




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Purple Patch Marketing Consultants

Purple Patch Marketing Consultants is a multi-discipline business development and marketing consultancy. Working predominantly with SMEs; we can integrate in to your business to help accelerate growth and development.

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