Project Management

It’s not all marketing, marketing, marketing!

Whilst much of Purple Patch Marketing Consultant’s work is marketing and business development; many of these activities have to follow the principles of sound project management. For this reason, Purple Patch Marketing Consultants have been commissioned to assist the smooth running and delivery to a range of significant projects. Using the application of processes, methods and knowledge; projects have been delivered on-time and on-budget to the delight of our customers.

Some of these projects include:

  • Delivery of a £2.0 million, regional renewable energy scheme to some 1000-homeowners
  • Management and delivery of approximately £50.0 million of capital funding bids across numerous counties across over 100 clients
  • Delivery of an international marketing campaign, mobilising around 50-personnel to bring a new brand to life
  • Implementation of a business-central database system revolutionising a company’s back-office systems
  • Delivery of an infrastructure alteration project for a major retailer across 800 stores nationwide




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Purple Patch Marketing Consultants

Purple Patch Marketing Consultants is a multi-discipline business development and marketing consultancy. Working predominantly with SMEs; we can integrate in to your business to help accelerate growth and development.

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