Bid Management

Bidding successfully for work is key to a business’s continued growth. Creating a compelling case to make your proposal stand out against the crowd is imperative to achieving those all-important wins. Purple Patch Marketing Consultants are experienced in managing all elements of the bid process; helping clients to streamline activities and increase their win rates.

In the second half of 2016, the UK Public Sector advertised over 17,000 tenders, valued at over £301 billion! Public sector contracts offer businesses valuable opportunities longer-term, tangible business.

Whether bidding for public or private sector opportunities, let Purple Patch Marketing Consultants take care of your bid management processes, from OJEU/opportunity monitoring through the creation of final presentations; allowing you to focus on your business.

Purple Patch Marketing Consultants have been securing major contracts Nationwide for over 15-years, in both the public and private sectors. Harness these successes and put them to work in your business…

OJEU/Opportunity Monitoring

All public sector opportunities have to be advertised to the marketplace. The location of advertisements varies depending upon the value of work (with larger opportunities having to be advertised across Europe). Working with clients to their bespoke briefs, Purple Patch Marketing Consultants can monitor all resources to ensure that you never miss an opportunity.

Bid Assessment

Making sure that an opportunity is right for your business is critical. With significant costs associated with undertaking a bid process, you have to know the the opportunity is suitable

PQQ/Tender Preparation

Whatever your company’s experience of bidding is; Purple Patch Marketing Consultants can add value to your bidding processes. Whether providing additional resource to existing bid teams, or outsourcing the entire process, Purple Patch Marketing Consultants will help the process flow.

Bid writing is a core skill, and our Bid Managers will write responses that reach the point quickly and concisely.

Our Bid Managers can manage bid teams and deadlines, write and/or review responses and ensure that you get very best chance of success. Bids can be managed either using our own systems, or other proprietry systems.

Library Management

Managing bids requires organisation in order to be both effective and efficient. Purple Patch Marketing Consultants can assist you in developing effective systems for library management. Maintaining your bid collateral is essential

A central fact-file document will enable the bid process to be accelerated, along with Frequently Asked Questions covering core activities. We will also create eye-catching case study materials and CVs which are ready to illustrate your business at a moment’s notice.


Making your bid stand out from the pack is essential; first impressions really do count. Purple Patch Marketing Consultants can provide design services to improve the look and feel of your bids.

Presentation preparation/materials

The bid process often culminates in a presentation process to clients. Purple Patch Marketing Consultants can support clients in developing succinct presentation materials that encapsulate the essence of your business and proposal.

Bid Reviews

Not every bid can be successful, not is any bid ever perfect. Purple Patch Marketing Consultants can work with you to review existing bids and materials to identify opportunities to improve bids in the future through a robust review process providing structured feedback and recommendations.


If you’re new to bidding, or and experienced bid writer; there is always something to learn! Purple Patch Marketing Consultants can provide bespoke training packages to enhance your bid capability.

Funding Bids

Bidding is not just about winning work! Bids are often used for obtaining grant or loan funding in both the public and private sectors. Purple Patch Marketing Consultants can offer support to a wide range of funding bids. Having successfully secured over £50.0 million in public sector funding alone in recent years, our Bid Managers know what it takes to make bids stand out against the competition.




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